I have moved to Japan from Cyprus and England will be running Classic Ving Tsun Classes at Universities and high schools. Introducing Real Ving Tsun to Japan.

From Chinese KUNG FU comes, the Lighting Fast Art of Ving Tsun and is a great example of a Non-Traditional Method, Founded in the 17th Century by the Buddhist Nun Mg Mui of the Siu Lum Monastery. She had made an exhaustive study of the Leading Traditional methods and came to the conclusion that they contained weaknesses, too many elaborate stances and unnessasary overlapping techniques although impressive to the eye was of doubtful practical value. As a result she has developed the most logical and effective System of Close-Range Combat ever devised.

Observing many existing leading Styles of Kung Fu that characterized elaborate Stances and emphasis on Brute Strength, the only student of Ng Mui, with the help of Yim Ving Tsun created an entirely new concept in Martial Arts thinking, revolutionizing Close Quarters’ Combat, that became twice as fast as any other system; The hallmarks include economy of movement, directness of action, and conservation of energy, a type of straight Punch and the unique practice known as Chi Sau or Sticking Hands and Wooden Dummy training 'Mook Yan Jong'. Further development led to 3 Empty Hand Forms, also Traditional Weapons such as the Butterfly Knives and Long Pole.

Kung Fu film star Bruce Lee was inspired by his training in Ving Tsun that he developed his own System called Jeet Kune Do, ‘Intercepting Fist’. Intercepting an Attack is a major point in Classic Ving Tsun. He was a disciple of Grandmaster Ip Man along side my old Si-Fu Master Victor Kan and others during the 50’s at Ip’s Man School, Hong Kong.

The Concepts and Principles of this System are so complete and flexible that one can create his or her own personal fighting system. Training in the art an individual can instinctively respond to an attack simultaneously with an attack . With this profound flexibility at its heart, Ving Tsun Kung Fu has develped into a Science of Natural Body Movement, with the underlying Rule of Law, the shortest Distance between Two Points, that being a Straight Line.   
Kung Fu can be a way of life that can challenge and develop your potential, gaining a higher truth and awareness of self through discipline and confidence of Mind and Body, and can be used in Self Defense.
Si-Fu Pasco David has 30 years experiance and teaches Classes Semi-Privately as he was taught, which maintains the high standards taught to him by his Si-Fu. Classes are ideal for both Women, and Men of all ages and physical abilities. Be part of the next generation of the -World Classic Ving Tsun Kung Fu School-, excepting nothing of the truth to you experience it! My goal is to preserve and pass on CVT Art of fighting in its Classical Format. Honesty is my best Policy. Below example.

‘LUCKILY, I came to your school when I was young and very naïve, and gained a great foundation, for future training, and an introduction to traditional Chinese martial arts, a life long quest for self discovery, self improvement, and martial skill. The awareness of traditional training and authenticity that I have learned through the attendance of your school has been of HUGE benefit to me. If only everyone had this awareness to’.   Dan Carvalho